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Don Wilson and Tina Luciani certainly know how to make their mark wherever they go. It's been the couple's penchant to open restaurants. And with their recent move to Oakville, from Vancouver, they have continued this pattern. The Gingerman Social Eatery opened in October, in the Kerr Street Village. It's a name they had registered a long time ago. “I like the term ‘social eatery' for its unobtrusiveness and broadness,” Don says. “It lends itself to a diverse menu.” Don and Tina teamed up with Chef Bradley Taylor, who was keen to come back to Oakville after hurricanes in the Caribbean wiped out restaurants he owned in the island countries of Grenada and St. Lucia. “He brings a nice colour, flair and taste profile to the menu,” says Don. Taylor creates it all from scratch, from homemade sauces and desserts. “He's capable of everything,” adds Don. Chicken, fish, steak, burgers, tenderloin and pastas are all recreated with Taylor's culinary magic.

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The Gingerman Social Eatery

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